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Three unique, whimsical, asymmetrical vases made from thick pieces of cherry wood each with a flower inside

Billet Vase


Our Billet Vases are split from a cherry log using an axe and a froe. The material separates along the natural fault lines in the wood grain, leaving behind an undulating surface texture that is not possible with sawn material. We polish this surface to a satin gloss and dye the tops with India ink for a striking contrast. Each vase is unique and may differ from the images shown. These work especially well in relation to one another in a small grouping of two or three. 


Materials: Split cherry

Finish: Shellac and India ink

Dimensions: Variable


Allow one to two weeks production time.


Photo Credit: Kevin Miyazaki

  • Care Instructions

    Care Instructions: Hand wash. Do not submerge.

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