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Handmade wooden octahedron paperweight made from Douglas Fir

Octahedron Paperweight


An object of this size and species of wood should weigh roughly 4.5 oz. Curiously, however, this object weighs a full pound. There are no visible seams, no evidence of holes drilled to fill it with foreign material. How then is this possible? Questions such as these are convenient to contemplate while staring at a pile of papers on your desk between emails or tasks on your to-do list, providing a momentary respite from the drudgery of never-ending office work. Its unexplainable heaviness also makes it an excellent paperweight.


Materials: Douglas fir and "gravity enhancer"

Finish: Satin clear finish

Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"


Photo Credit: Kevin Miyazaki

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