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Who we are


Current Projects is a Milwaukee-based design studio run by artists Brent Budsberg and Shana McCaw. Along with our team of craftspeople, we collaborate with museums, artists, filmmakers, and individual clients to execute unique and thought-provoking projects. We enjoy challenging convention and pushing the limits of our own abilities and resources, mingling historic research and meticulous craft with insightful contemporary design.


The name Current Projects is intentionally open-ended, allowing us to pursue an ever-evolving set of interests and skill sets while avoiding being limited by one area of practice. We design exhibits, build furniture, create film sets, and fabricate artworks while leaving the door open for new avenues of inquiry. We strongly believe that our diverse breadth of experience, coupled with our high standards and commitment to quality, produces comprehensive results that are impossible to achieve by specializing in one area. In addition, our engagement with both design and fabrication allows for a fluidity between the workbench and drawing board, resulting in informed design strategies that translate into real world applications. Our background in fine art facilitates creative problem solving, an appreciation of concept and meaning, and a sensitivity to aesthetic considerations.


View McCaw and Budsberg’s fine art portfolio on their website:


Shana McCaw, Creative Director

Brent Budsberg, Principal Designer + Director of Fabrication


Alec Regan

Joe Thrasher

Ava Hager

Reese Rousseau

Ben Husnick

Mikail Dance


Meet Current Projects – Milwaukee Lifestyle, August 2022


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